Finance Formulas

Annual Percentage Yield

Future Value of Annuity

FV of Annuity – Continuous Compounding

Annuity (FV)- Solve for n

Annuity Payment (PV)

Annuity Payment – FV

Annuity Payment Factor – PV

Present Value of Annuity

Annuity (PV)- Solve for n

Present Value Annuity Factor

Present Value of Annuity Due

Future Value of Annuity Due

Annuity Due Payment – PV

Annuity Due Payment – FV

Asset to Sales Ratio

Asset Turnover Ratio

Average Collection Period

Payments on a Balloon Loan

Bid-Ask Spread

Bond Equivalent Yield

Capital Asset Pricing Model (CAPM)

Capital Gains Yield

Compound Interest

Continuous Compounding

Contribution Margin

Current Ratio

Current Yield

Debt Ratio

Debt to Equity Ratio (D/E)

Debt to Income Ratio

Diluted Earnings per Share

Discounted Payback Period

Dividend Yield (Stock)

Dividends Per Share

Doubling Time

Doubling Time – Continuous Compounding

Doubling Time – Simple Interest

Earnings Per Share

Equivalent Annual Annuity

Estimated Earnings

Free Cash Flow to Equity

Free Cash Flow to Firm (FCFF)

Future Value

FV – Continuous Compounding

Future Value Factor

Geometric Mean Return

Future Value of Growing Annuity

Growing Annuity Payment – PV

Growing Annuity Payment – FV

Present Value of a Growing Annuity

Present Value of Growing Perpetuity

Holding Period Return

Interest Coverage Ratio

Inventory Turnover Ratio

Balloon Balance of a Loan

Loan Payment

Remaining Balance on Loan

Loan to Deposit Ratio

Loan to Value Ratio

Net Asset Value

Net Present Value

Net Profit Margin

Net Working Capital

Solve for Number of Periods – PV & FV

Payback Period

PV of Perpetuity

Preferred Stock

Present Value

PV – Continuous Compounding

Present Value Factor

Price to Book Value

Price to Earnings Ratio

Rate of Inflation

Real Rate of Return

Receivables Turnover Ratio

Retention Ratio

Return on Assets

Return on Investment

Risk Premium

Rule of 72

Simple Interest

Present Value of Stock – Constant Growth

PV of Stock – Zero Growth

Tax Equivalent Yield

Total Stock Return

Weighted Average

Yield to Maturity

Zero Coupon Bond Value

Zero Coupon Bond Effective Yield

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